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As a teacher, I know how precious and in demand your time is. I aim to create detail-oriented products that are ENGAGING, and curricuiulm-aligned, and effective. 


I'm known for offering high-quality ‚ú®FREEBIES‚ú® below you will find a few of my favorites, along with popular blog posts,  store-fronts, and my other favorite things! 


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A Few of My Favorite Things

Perk Energy

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Popular on the Blog:

First Day of School
Activities that are a MUST!

  1. Activities, ideas, and FREEBIES to help you:
  2. 1.    Creating connections
  3. 2.    Setting expectations
  4. 3.    Reviewing routine
  5. 4.    Building rapport

First Day of Math Class:

   1.  ‚ú®FREEBIES‚ú®
   2.   Activities
   3.   Assessments

The Digital
Morning Meeting that Does.It.ALL

  1. Try it in your classroom! Snag ALL of August's Slides... FREE

My FAVORITE EDITABLE Templates for Meet the Teacher/ Back to School

   1.  ‚ú®FREEBIES‚ú®
   2.   Open House / Virtual Open House
   3.   Meet the Teacher

   4.   Back to School Forms

The Missing Link in Your Grit & Growth Mindset Lessons

Foster Failure in Your Classroom. Try a FREE Nitty Gritty Challenge Today!

The Big Scribb
FREE Whole-Class Challenge!

                          Perfect Activity to Illustrate:
                                1.   Goal Setting

                                2.   Team Work

                                3.   Classroom Community / Belonging

                                4.    Growth Mindset

My Favorite Activities for Teaching Place Value

       1. Mystery Picture Match-Ups

       2. Place Value Card Game

       3. Place Value Puzzle

       4. Roll Write Repeat Dice

       5. ‚ú®Freebie‚ú®  


How to Set-Up Literature Circles your Students will LOVE

 ‚ú®FREEBIES‚ú® Included

               Strategy Focused 

               Digital Response Pages

               Meaningful Roles

               Choice-Lead Literature Circles

               Student Accountabililty

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